Play nice.

The decision to become an adulterer shouldn't be one that's undertaken lightly. Fucking around on your spouse carries with it all sorts of consequences: mental, physical and financial, that need to be understood and accepted. Despite all the fun and heart-pounding excitement that can come with having sex with someone new, there are responsibilities as well.

So right off the bat, here's how you know if your potential fuckmate is a shitty choice: they don't understand consequences. And if you're reading this and don't understand what I mean by consequences, you're the shitty one.

This isn't a blog where we're going to be teaching you how to find the person to screw around with, or encouraging you to go out and screw other people. There are plenty of other places to find the information, the conscience-appeasing rationale, and willing participants.

What my co-author (Her) and I (Him) will be discussing here are some very basic pieces of etiquette that you and your newly found friend should observe to make sure that you both have a good time, stay safe, and avoid dropping a hand grenade into your life and the lives of those around you.

Because that, my friend, is a dick move.

~ Him

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